People who choose to educate their children at home need to have a voice in the legislation affecting their rights and responsibilities. Home educators understand home education better than anyone and believe that they know what it takes to teach children at home.  However, the legislators who make the laws governing home education may not fully understand or appreciate the needs and concerns of parents that undertake this responsibility. Home educators need to educate the legislature about home study and what sets it apart from other forms of education.  This can only be done if they know how our legislature works inside and out.

Now home educators can learn how to monitor and influence legislation affecting home study in Vermont at a legislative training session on Saturday, October 14th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Vermont State House. This event is co-sponsored by Vermont Association of Home Educators, Inc. (VAHE), Christian Home Educators of Vermont, Inc. (CHEV), and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), a national association that provides legal services to home educators.  VAHE is a nonsectarian organization formed for the purpose of furthering the interests of those families and individuals who believe in the right to home educate.  CHEV is a similar organization supporting home educators from a Christian perspective.  In legislative matters the two organizations try to work together towards common goals.

The keynote speakers at the training will be HSLDA lawyers Scott Woodruff and Doug Domenech.  They will be speaking about the legislative process and current homeschool laws in Vermont.  Calvin Layton, chairman of MassHope’s legislative watch committee will also be sharing useful insights on how home educators can be involved.  Costs will be $10 per person, ($15 per couple) for members of VAHE or CHEV. There will be opportunity to join either of these organizations at the meeting. Non-member costs will be $15 per person, ($20 per couple).

This training will provide home educators with an understanding of the home study law and the legislative process; it will give them the tools to influence legislation affecting their lives.